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Before my Baby Winter Event, HK


Join us this winter as sixteen experts offer holistic solutions on how to best prepare your mind and body for pregnancy.  Open to BOTH men and women.

November 12th, 930AM-1PM, and November 17th, 630-930PM
Alive Wellness, Central, Hong Kong

***Tickets available at EventBrite, late-September***


  • The single most important action to take before conception.
  • What to avoid before conception (like the plague!).
  • Indications that your body is baby ready.
  • Male preparation tips for healthy sperm.
  • Fertility tips- for those having trouble conceiving.
  • In-Utero support for those already pregnant.

Our FANTASTIC speaker line-up:

  1. Miles Price, M.Sc, CFMP, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Biorna Quantics
  2. Sonia Samtani, Hypnotherapist, All About You Centre
  3. Susanne Schutz, Feng Shui Master, Suzhong Consulting
  4. Dr. Katherine Dale, N.D., Naturopathic Doctor, Optimal Fertility Specialist
  5. Dr. Kamilla Holst, Chiropractor, Drs. B.S. Vaughan & Associates
  6. Liz Purnell-Webb, Doula and Pregnancy Specialist, A Mother’s Touch
  7. Dr. Claire Cheng, TCM Practitioner
  8. Dr. Michelle Ricaille & Lisa Griffiths, Homeopaths, The Round Clinic
  9. Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Chiropractor, UP!health
  10. Allison Heiliczer, Psychotherapist, Annerley, The Midwives Clinic
  11. Dora Hardaway, Corrective Biomechanics Therapist, Cosman Group
  12. Jenny Ostling, Maya Abdominal Massage, Sanctuary Healing Centre
  13. Alice Yuen, Craniosacral Therapist, Alive Wellness Center
  14. Dr. Nichola Salmond, General Practitioner, Optimal Family Health
  15. Jenny Stocksen, Kundalini Yoga Teacher/Therapist, Red Doors Studio
  16. Vinod Sharma, Ayurveda Specialist, AyurYoga


  • Fertility friendly nutrition and supplementation
  • Preconception health check, including blood work
  • Fertility from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective
  • Ayurveda conception secrets, including father-to-be-fertility
  • Resolving hormonal imbalances using homeopathy
  • Using natural remedies to boost fertility
  • Emotional preparedness and tackling fear
  • Correcting deficiencies and detoxification
  • Feng Shui for fertility and maternity health
  • The mind-body connection
  • Alternative healing and massage therapies
  • Exercise’s role in conception
  • Chiropractic care
  • Charting

If you have any inquiries or wish get involved please drop a note to beforemybaby@gmail.com.


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