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My Daily Routine


I love feeling healthy. It makes me want to live my day to the fullest. It also makes me respect myself more. I walk a bit taller and take life a little less seriously. I am also a better mother, wife and friend. For these reasons and more, I dedicate each day to caring for myself in different ways so that I can feel healthy.  And because I am preparing my body for pregnancy, these days I pay extra attention to self care.

I am a health-nut so I engage in a lot of healthy activities, but really because I enjoy it so much. Even though I don’t stay consistent with everything on a daily basis there are a handful of activities I am committed to. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my routine as it stands today.

  1.  Upon waking I scrape my tongue to send off the unneeded bacteria that has settled there.
  2. Next, I drink a warm glass of water, sometimes with lemon, sometimes with organic apple cider  vinegar and often just plain.
  3. Then comes my favorite time the day- breakfast, which consists of 70% vegetables. If I start my day this way, with plants on my plate, I tend to make better choices throughout the rest of the day. My favorite breakfast veggie is steamed broccoli or cauliflower with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt. I love to pair my veggies with amchur scrambled eggs (mango peel), black tahini steamed cakes made in my rice cooker, coconut oatmeal and salted buckwheat groats.
  4. I do at least one of my three core activities: nap, meditate or workout. If I commit to  one I get it done. If I commit to three I do none of thee. Setting myself up for failure is something I try to avoid doing these days.
  5. I prepare and eat homemade food, usually three times a day. I prefer my own cooking over any restaurant any day as I know what is in my food and how it is made. Plus I think it tastes better. Go ME!
  6. I eat mostly warm, cooked foods. Chinese medicine believes warm foods are good for the uterus, and if you have a cold constitution or wish to get pregnant, it is believed that warm, cooked meals are best for the body.
  7. I eat fermented foods. Pickled red cabbage and pickled ginger-carrot are my favorites. I am making my first batch of  rejuvelac this week and am also brewing some sourdough bread. Last summer, I was in a phase of obsessive kombucha and water kefir brewing. I also take a probiotic everyday.
  8. I use Endoflex essential oil on my throat and basil essential oil on my chest to boost my thyroid and move my Qi (energy).
  9. I do a sea salt nasal rinse with my Neti Pot. This has really helped to keep my sinuses  clear, especially since living in Hong Kong.
  10. I drink or use homemade bone broth (in soups, beans, rice, etc.). I usually make a batch of a gluten free grain in my rice cooker with broth and veggies everyday. It becomes an easy, prepared meal or even a snack.
  11. I eat healthy fats that boost kidney qi.In Chinese Medicine the kidneys house reproductive health therefore is imporant to keep the kidneys healthy and happy. The kidneys love nuts and seeds, especially black sesame seeds. I use black tahini and black cumin seed oil pretty much everyday.
  12. I take specific supplements I feel are right for me. Vitamins A, Bs, C, D, Iron, 5-methylfolate, NAC and Vitaspectrum are a few.
  13. I practice gratitude and kindness.

I would love to hear from all of you! What are you doing to prepare your bodies for pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “My Daily Routine

    1. I have a feeling that you will love it! Would love to hear what veggies you get into. We are loving broccoli, snap peas and Brussels sprouts these days.




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