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Serena’s Story

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Serena and Little Sage

My husband and I are preparing for our second baby. We both learned a lot from the first baby, so we are doing things a little differently this time around. We also really want to have a boy so we are taking extra steps to see if we can make that a reality. Our daughter is currently two years old so it is hard to stay consistent in a daily routine, but we try. 


  • We both oil-pull with coconut pods I make.
  • Then we both drink lemon water before our morning walk.
  • Breakfast most days has some kind of eggs and avocado.
  • Smoothies with raw egg yolks/ over easy eggs with pasture-raised bacon/ egg scramble with veggies we have on hand. All our eggs are from our own backyard chickens.
  • After we take our showers Brenden puts on his testosterone-building oil cologne I make for him. Idaho Blue Spruce and fractionated coconut oil in an old essential oil bottle with a roller top. 
  • I spray my armpits, belly, and back with magnesium spray. It has helped me tremendously with stress, body odor and less cramps when I have my cycle. 

General Lifestyle

  • We never use any personal care products the contain chemicals or harmful ingredients, because the contain xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens can cause miscarriage in women and low sperm count in men. We just try our best to not mess with our natural hormone production. 
  • Our supplements include: collagen, spirulina, bone broth, raw kefir, Greens powder, fish oil and maca.
  • I take Garden of Life raw prenatal. Brenden can’t swallow pills so I get him the mineral essence from young living that contains Royal Jelly which is good for sperm production. 
  • We only eat organic grass-fed meat and raw grass -fed dairy products We limit our fruit intake and try to eat liver once a week. If we eat grains or beans of any kind we soak them beforehand. 
  • Sex- So we aren’t quite ready for baby number two, but we don’t want to miss out on the benefits. So as soon as I introduced foods to our daughter at 9 months we started using protection, but until my periods were more regular we used condoms all the time. Now that I can monitor my cycles we have unprotected sex a week before I start and the week after. There are a lot of benefits to sperm: 
    • It is natural anti-depressent. 
    • helps insomnia. 
    • my favorite one, in just one teaspoon there are over 200 proteins, vitamins and minerals to help your uterus get stronger and full of nutrients so when baby comes it can more easily latch on. 
    • Also, let’s just face it, condoms suck, but hey, it gets the job done.
  • Underwear.  Yes, I have even changed my choice in underwear. Call me crazy but I just try to do what is best and most natural to my body. I no longer wear thongs unless absolutely necessary. Instead I wear soft breathable cotton undies. Thongs are so, so, terrible for the health of the vagina. Look more into it if you haven’t already. 
  • I exercise everyday include walking every morning. I get good sun exposure morning and afternoon for the vitamin D, and do squats, hike three times a week and try to get more yoga in. 
  • It’s hard to exercise as much as I would like to  but it is so important for me to just move my body. For example, think about all the sitting we do. It  is insane. So bad for our hips. I have completely stopped sitting in chairs unless absolutely necessary. I stand or sit on the floor. My daughter and I eat all our meals on a big rug on our wood floor. Also sitting on the floor makes the body stronger without even knowing it. It engages the core and enables the body to use muscles and to balance.
  • I have also started earthing more- going barefoot on dirt and grass. I love to receive the benefits of the earth in the pores of my feet and to allow my foot muscles to grow strong so I can carry my next baby well. 
  • We never keep our phones anywhere on our bodies. We also put them on airplane mode as much as possible. 
  • We drink only good clean drinking water from the Berky water filtering system. It removes all chlorine and fluoride.
  •  And the most important thing, prayer! We pray as a family everyday. I am so having my baby at home this time.

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