Fertility Foods

Steamed Blueberry Cakes

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Eggs have every nutrient needed to grow into a baby. For this reason, eggs are considered by many cultures to be the one of the most complete and perfect foods.

Whether preparing for pregnancy or not, here are some reasons to fall in love with eggs:

  • Fertility expert, Isabelle Obert, suggests 10 foods that boost fertility. One of them is the egg.
  • Eggs are an inexpensive form of high quality protein that promote energy production.
  • Eggs contain minerals and vitamins to support a healthy immune system, including selenium, B vitamins, iodine and healthy fats.
  • Egg yolks assist in cognitive function and regulation of the nervous system. The Weston Price Association advises that egg yolk be baby’s first food.
  • Eggs provide a natural form of folate, which can prevent spina bifida.
  • Eggs contain choline, which breaks down homocysteine. At high levels, homocysyeine has been shown to promote heart disease. Choline has also been proven to positively affect fetal development.
  • According to TCM, eggs are thermally cool and sweet. Eggs lubricate dryness and strengthen the blood and kidneys.
  • Additionally, boiled eggs are considered to have the most concentrated form of qi and are highly recommended for postnatal  women. If you are qi deficient, which most of us are in some way, maybe adding a soft-boiled egg to your diet will give you a boost.

Steamed Blueberry Cakes Recipe

This is one of my favorite muffin recipes ever. In less than 20 minutes I have a warm, feel-good, tasty treat. The fun thing about using a rice cooker is that I can preset the timer and have a hot bite ready for me at any time of the day. A great breakfast dish or snack.

2 organic eggs
¼ cup gluten-free flour or protein powder (I love sun warrior vanilla protein or oat flour)
2 TBSP of water, coconut oil or melted butter*
Dash of  cinnamon
Small handful of blueberries (or any berries)
Sweetener (Optional)**

  1. Mix everything but blueberries and cinnamon together in a cereal bowl until well blended.  Batter should be a bit thicker than pancake batter. If needed add additional water or oil/butter to reach the right consistency.
  2. Pour into silicone muffin cups and top with a few berries and cinnamon.
  3. Steam in a rice cooker for 15 minutes.*If I am craving a sweeter muffin I add vanilla stevia to the batter or alternately drizzle with raw honey after they are cooked.
    **No need for oil as the steamed water and egg provide enough moisture, however adding some coconut oil or butter will make them extra tasty.






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