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Ayurvedic Fertility Tips by Vinod Sharma


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Below are 4 tips on how to promote fertility, naturally:

1) It is very beneficial for men to consume cinnamon mixed in milk, to help increase vitality and virility in men. This can also help to improve the motility and enhance the life span of sperms.  Cinnamon powder can be taken in the following manner : add 1⁄2 teaspoon (about 5 gm) of cinnamon powder in 250 ml fresh cow’s milk and boil it. When the milk comes to the boiling point, add a tablespoon of ground rock sugar and cool down the milk slightly. Drink this milk whilst it is still warm. It is advisable to take this milk twice a day or at least once at night, 30 minutes before going to bed.

2) It is mentioned in Ayurveda that men who have problems with the consistency of their vital fluid (semen) should add 1 teaspoon of wheat starch in a glass of fresh hot milk –- and drink this 30 minutes before going to bed. This simple remedy can help to improve the consistency of semen and therefore can also help to prevent premature ejaculation (a very common problem amongst young men nowadays). It can also help to prevent wet dreams in teenagers.

3) For women, psylium husk is a simple and very useful natural remedy. Nowadays, young women often suffer from excessive white discharge from the vagina, which not only has a weakening effect on the physical body, but which can also be very depleting, emotionally and mentally. If this problem is not corrected, this can even cause difficulty in conceiving. In my Ayurvedic practice, I have come across a few women clients who could not conceive after trying for a long time, even though all their medical reports were fine. From checking their pulse, I could determine that the main problem was excessive white discharge and the acidic effect it has on the sperms, which did not allow conception to take place. I advised them to take psylium husk for a period of 6 – 8 weeks, along with following a specific diet and certain Yoga exercises, and thereafter, they were able to conceive without the aid of hormone supplements. One of them calls her son “my Ayurveda baby” : )

Women who are suffering from this problem should take 1 tablespoon of psylium husk, mixed in a glass of warm water, at around 11:00 am (or at least 1 hour before lunch), and again, 1 tablespoon of this husk at night, with a glass of hot fresh milk (preferably adding a little cardamom seed powder into the milk), 30 mins before going to bed.

4) Shatavari (Indian asparagus) powder – According to Ayurveda, this herb is like nature’s boon for women. Generally women of all ages can benefit from this herb – it can help women who :
i) want to conceive, ii) are already pregnant, and iii) have just delivered a baby.

In this article I will focus on this herb’s efficacy mainly in helping women to conceive a healthy child. Take 250 ml fresh cow’s milk mixed with 250 ml water – add 1 tablespoon of Shatavari powder and boil this mixture on a medium flame, whilst stirring it regularly so that the powder doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pot or get burnt. Boil it till the quantity is reduced to 250 ml – it will become a porridge-like consistency – then add 1⁄4 teaspoon cardamom seed powder and a little ground rock sugar and consume it whilst it is still warm. This will be very beneficial if taken twice a day, morning and evening, or at the very least, it should be taken in the morning after breakfast. Please note that one should not drink water for at least an hour after having this.

This simple formula can help women to solve several problems pertaining to their reproductive system e.g. excessive white discharge, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, unnatural weakness (physical & mental), disturbed sleep, irritability, back pain, frigidity, low libido, pain in the vagina while having intercourse, etc.

If a woman takes this formula continuously for 6 weeks before trying to conceive, this can help her to become a happy mother of a healthy child.

Vinod Sharma is a gifted energy healer, residing and practicing in Hong Kong. Mr. Sharma utilises a unique combination of  healing modalities in his Causeway Bay practice including Ayurveda, homeopathy, reflexology, yoga, meditation and cell salts.

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