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November 17th Session: Topics & Speakers

event-logo-fullThe 2016 BMB Winter Conference  taking place in Hong Kong, is just around the corner! To find out more information about the speakers and their topics read below. Tickets will be on Eventbrite early October.  Be sure to secure your spot as space is limited!

The November 17th session will feature the following topics: fertility friendly nutrition and supplementation, Ayurveda conception secrets, natural remedies to boost male and female fertility, tackling fear, correcting deficiencies and detoxification, Feng Shui for fertility and maternity health, the mind-body connection, alternative healing and massage therapies, chiropractic care and charting.

Our event MC will be Dr. Katherine Dale, Optimal Fertility Specialist.


The November 12th session will feature the following eight speakers.
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Miles Price, M. Sc, CFMP, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Biorna Quantics

Functional Medicine is a new paradigm in healthcare treatment, offering a systemized approach to helping people achieve optimal health. When planning for pregnancy, both prospective parents need to optimize the development of the baby by having the right nutrient balance, the lowest toxicity together with good blood sugar and hormonal regulation. Miles will explore the various options available to would-be parents, presenting the science and health implications of the imbalances which can occur which can contribute to sub-optimal fetal development.


Sonia Samtani, Hypnotherapist, All About You Centre

The Mind-Body Connection: Understand the effect of stress and suppressed emotions on the body, and learn what your aches and pains are trying to tell you.  Learn the tell-tail signs to prepare both your mind and body for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Susanne Schutz, Feng Shui Master, Suzhong Consulting

Classical Feng Shui can be instrumental in bringing about a harmonious home environment that not only facilitates conception, but also a smooth pregnancy, as well as assisting with the comfort and wellbeing of a newborn. Susanne’s talk will touch upon how to activate areas of your home that are conducive to conceiving a child, avoiding trouble spots during pregnancy, as well as how to determine where to place the baby’s crib for maximum wellbeing and sound sleep – for both the newborn and the parents. While most remedies are tailor-made and need to be determined after careful examination of the individual homes, some remedies are universal and can be implemented without effort even by lay people.

Liz Purnell-Webb, Doula and Pregnancy Specialist, A Mother’s Touch

Liz’s topic will look at how to prepare the body for conception for both Mother and partner, physically and mentally Looking at what you can do as a progression if you are having difficulty in conceiving least expensive first, providing a base to build on. Therapeutic techniques to support conception. And once conception, preparing for your pregnancy.



Dr. Katherine Dale, N.D., Naturopathic Doctor, Optimal Fertility Specialist, Event MC

During her 14-year practice as a Naturopath Dr. Kate has focused on uncovering the mysteries of the female menstrual cycle. All bodies are not the same, thus in order to prepare for conception it is vital that you can recognize the signs of your unique ovulation cycle. Come along to learn some fertility hacks to determining your best timing for conception; and the best natural remedies to maximize your fertility.

 Dr. Kamilla Holst, Chiropractor, Drs B.S. Vaughan & Associates

Dr. Holst will be covering in-utero support for those already pregnant, including Chiropractic Care for You & Your Baby – Why, When & How? Dr. Holst will also share how fear works in the brain and some of the common fears around pregnancy and labor.  



Alice Yuen, Craniosacral Therapist, Owner of Alive Wellness Center

Alice will introduce craniosacral therapy and explain how it can benefit preconception, pregnancy and general health.



Vinod Sharma, Ayurvedia Specialist, AyurYoga

Mr. Sharma will share on the following topics:

 1.      Common problems men experience with regard to fertility.
2.      What are the main causes of infertility in men – an Ayurvedic view.
3.      What men can/should do to overcome this problem without any hormone therapy (like taking strong stimulants) and/or invasive treatment/surgery?
4.      What men should do to help their female partner for resolving their infertility issues?
5.      What men should do and should not do to/with their female partners to prevent miscarriage/s?





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