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New BMB Q&A series

Hello friends!

I have been busy revamping the BMB business the last month and for this reason have gone a bit missing on the blog front. Nonetheless there are A LOT of exciting things happening in the background.

First, we are creating a new website with a fantastic membership option! Next we will have a new series of BMB live events in Hong Kong- this time around they will be Q&A panels featuring three local specialists.

Topics are as follows:

February 28th- Food, diet and supplementation
March 23rd- Fear and Healthy Mindset
May 19th- Sex and Intimacy
June 1- All things Male

Third, the 2016 Winter Conference will be aired via an online summit in early Spring.

And last, I am putting my expertise to work by building an online fertility food program that delivers daily recipes to your smartphone.

I hope you had a chance to follow our 30 day FB posting on Nikos’ and My Preconception Journey ( #ourPCjourney)  It was a bit of a risk to share the private details of our personal lives, however I hope it brought some inspiration and a sense of community to all of you.

Looking forward to a great year and lots of positive pregnancy tests.





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