My story: From Supplements to WHOLE FOODS


As most of you know, my husband and I are on our own preconception journey so we have been extra focused on getting our health straightened out. The driving purpose of Before My Baby is to raise awareness about the importance in preparing for pregnancy. I thought I would share a little bit of my story and some recent breakthroughs I had on my path this week. 

Thing have gotten a little crazy when it comes to supplements. My husband has never understood why we have so many bottles sitting around the house.  “Why do you need those when you make nearly every meal at home, from scratch, and rarely dine out?”

He has a point. I place a LOT of focus on what my family puts  into and onto our bodies and we do eat fresh, organic, high quality foods made with a ton of thought and care. I agree that this is a great achievement but I  have had a lot of health challenges the past two years and supplements have been my hopeful solution. We also want to have a baby so I want to feel physically strong and mentally stable before we conceive.

How did we get here anyways?
After finding out my daughter had mDS I was convinced something was very wrong with me. I had previously had borderline thyroid issues and figured it was time to do some investigating.  I found an endocrinologist here in Hong Kong who put me on maybe 8-10 supplements and thyroid meds. I also had a Naturopath (that I absolutely trust and adore) that had me taking 15 supplements a day to rid me of thyroid antibodies (which did work). Fast forward a few months and I was seeing various practitioners for different reasons. I spent gobs of money on doctors, tests and supplements ~a sick amount of money. Blood tests showed I had high toxins, low minerals and sub-optimal hormones.

Every time I traveled my suitcase was half full of supplements. My family was extremely concerned but I was certain that I was on the road to recovery. Having another baby was always on my mind. I began to fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and didn’t know whose advice to take. The worst part was that all the information I was given began conflicting, which probably fueled my current anxiety disorder. I got to a point where I really did feel broken.

What have I been taking?
Every practitioner I have seen in the last two years, and there have been MANY, has put me on a different supplement of some kind. Astragalus for my adrenals, antifungals to keep my gut healthy, selenium, zinc, B-vitamins and Lugol’s for my thyroid, 5HTP and L-theanine for anxiety, vitamin E and progesterone for estrogen dominance, coconut oil, maca, CoQ10, liver capsules, vitamin’s C and D for fertility, methylated folate, glutathione and NAC for my MTHFR gene, and the list goes on and on and on….

The last few months I have been cringing at my supplements and asking myself, Is this pill really necessary? Most often than not the answer has been no. I guess today things shifted- enough for me to make a change-because when I got up this morning I walked straight to my kitchen and packed away (almost) all my vitamins and minerals.

What will I keep now?
I kept the following: a food-based multi (which I will avoid for now due to its copper content), a soil based probiotic, zinc, selenium, 5HTP,  B12 lozenge, methylated folate,  and vitamins D and E. I am going to take the fat based vitamins three times per week and the others daily or every other day.  I will also drink my magnesium calm before bed with my progesterone and will possibly eat two liver capsules two-three times a week for the vitamin A. Still a lot but a lot less.

Might sound odd but I feel free…

I am going to share in a series of posts how I plan to consume my vitamins and minerals in food form, with fertility and a fertility diet in mind. I probably consume most of the nutrients I need anyways (despite the soil damage, pollution, etc.), but in doing a little extra research I can be even more certain that I am  getting my nutrients and absorbing them too.

I would LOVE to hear more about your preconception journeys and any experience or non-experience you have in taking supplements. 





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