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Eat to Conceive: BMB Q&A series

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Welcome to the launch of Before my Baby’s 2017 Q&A educational series. This series will take place in four topic-specific parts featuring industry-specific experts that will answer questions related to fertility and preconception.

The first session, Eat to Conceive, will feature diet, nutrition and supplementation along with a tasty fertility food demo in the beautiful Food For Life kitchen in Wong Chuk Hang.

If you are interested in health and wellness and looking to conceive this event has been created for you.

Part I: Eat to Conceive
February 28th, 630-830PM
Food For Life: Wong Chuk Hang

In this session you will uncover:

  • the importance of a healthy gut and how to get one
  • how diet impacts general health and fertility
  • how to turn food into your greatest fertility weapon
  • foods that enhance egg and sperm quality
  • key vitamins and minerals you want in your diet
  • how behaviour plays a role in nutrition
  • foods that support a healthy menstrual cycle
  • the low down on fats, meat and dairy. Do these belong on a fertility diet?
  • the folic acid controversy
  • obtaining protein from plants
  • actionable steps you can take today to get you prepared for a baby

Format: 60 minutes of Q&A followed by a  30-minute fertility cooking demo. Time has also been allotted for guest comments and questions.

Grab your early-bird seat before February 21st for only $150HKD. General Admission is $175.
*Free tickets are available for those facing financial hardships. Please email Anika for more information: beforemybaby@gmail.com

Meet our FABULOUS panelists (in alphabetical order):

Cristina Tahoces


Holistic nutritionist Cristina owns Thrive Nutrition Practice and focuses on pre-natal nutrition and post-natal recovery to help moms thrive and not just survive through the most important period of her life.  She believes that food is therapy for the body and uses a science-over-fad approach to create realistic, nutrient-rich and delicious meals that support immunity, energy creation and overall health & wellness.

Paloma Gerber


Paloma is a certified holistic health coach, who’s passionate about showing health-minded people how to feel strong and energized by eating the right foods. She advises her clients to listen to their bodies and eat foods that grow naturally. Paloma believes in nurturing a healthy gut to optimum well-being. She demonstrates how to get protein, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, through plant based whole foods. She teaches how to create healthy, easy-to- make dishes and how to make healthy choices while eating out. Paloma employs a gentle step-by- step approach in the journey to reach individual health and wellness goals.

Tatiana Kuvardina


Tatiana is an Eating Behaviour Expert and Transformational Holistic Health Coach, a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and founder of Your Wellness Path.Tatiana sees more to food than just calories and nutrients, she has a deep understanding of Mind-Body connection. In her practice, Tatiana goes way beyond teaching how to make healthy choices. Her unique holistic client-centered approach combines knowledge of Nutrition, Human Behaviour and Psychology of Eating. She helps others to end the war with appetite and transform their relationship with food; understand and manage their eating behaviour; build sustainable healthy habits that fit their lifestyle, support their health goals and make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.




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