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Interview with Anita Cheung of I-Detox


Anita Cheung, I-Detox

Anita S K Cheung is an experienced health practitioner and a healthy lifestyle educator trained in nutrition, aromatherapy, Bio Resonance, coaching, and multiple healing modalities. Her company i-Detox is known for their holistic detox programs and wellness education to individuals and groups with an empowering lifestyle approach.


1) Just how important is stress management for fertility and conception?

Naturally the body’s innate intelligence would not allow conception to bring forth a new life if your brain perceives the world as unsafe. Excessive production of stress hormones compete with the production of reproductive hormones essential to conception.

Use of common stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, the fast paced lifestyle, built up of environmental toxins, and inflammatory substances from the modern diet with dairy, sugar, wrong ratio of nutrients etc all contribute to keeping our amygdala locked in the flight or flight mode.

Most of us in this part of the world are in need of a major “reset” of our nervous system.

2) I know many of your clients are using essential oils for stress management and hormone health support, would you like to share some tips on what and how to use them? 

Indeed. Pure and authentic essential oils are hormone like substances circulating in the plant acting as messengers just like how hormones work in our body. Many floral essential oils such as Geranium and Ylang Ylang have estrogen balancing and mood lifting effect. Essential oils from Black and Blue Spruce (think strong trees that survive harsh winters) for example can have testosterone balancing and overall strengthening and centring effect. These can all be naturally aphrodisiac. Obviously only when our nervous system perceives us as being safe that we have resources for reproduction.

Some can support lymphatic and liver detoxification, some can support circulatory function.

No other plant substances are more powerful than essential oils in balancing our instinctual response. Using (pure and authentic) essential oils on a daily basis (such as integrating into personal care products) can help to reset our stress response. Molecules of essential oils are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier reaching the limbic region of the brain which is the command centre of the endocrine system and stress control centre.

A good place to start is diffusing but also in replacing chemical personal care products, so you can “kill two birds with one stone”. For example, why not replace chemical hormone disrupting products with your hormone benefitting shaving cream, lip balm, deodorant, body lotion, personal perfume….with the peace of mind that they are all good for you and your future baby?

Frequent and consistent topical use (e.g. along meridians that support fertility) can help very positive physical and emotional effect.

Most fragranced products on the market though are adulterated or completely synthetic. They do not have the same effect on the body and mind and in fact precisely because of their small molecular size can cause harm. There can be 100 to 1000+ times difference in cost between producing synthetic and authentic essential oils. So it is very important to choose by quality.

3) How would an all-rounded detoxification program support fertility or prepare the body for conception?

Our body has natural ability to eliminate toxins produced from metabolism and small amount of toxins from external sources. But our body was never meant to process the type and amount of chemicals we are having to deal with today, found in food with residues of pesticides, fertilisers etc, pharmaceutical drugs, household products, synthetic fragrances, personal care and make up products etc.

Modern dietary habits (e.g. caffeine and sugar) deplete our reserve of key nutrients essential to not just fertility but overall vitality.

Our liver is the key organ that neutralises toxic stress hormones, hormone-disrupting chemicals, and assemble reproductive hormones. When the colon is clogged up our liver cannot do its job properly either. In fact the prolapsed colon can literally put pressure on the reproductive organs making conception complicated. (Most people are mildly if not severely constipated nowadays from the optimal health perspective.)

Over the years, in our centre we have seen many who have improved their reproductive health and overall health from comprehensive detoxification and lifestyle upgrade, incorporating functional foods rich in micronutrients in their diet, replacing unhealthy sources of fats with healthy ones (key in production of steroidal hormones). Dairy, sugar, commercial wheat products and refined carbs have been reduced or replaced with healthy and tasty alternatives for supporting natural reproductive health. The kitchen and bathroom are also strongly encouraged to be “detoxified” with products that are chemical free and better for the environment we want to leave behind our offspring.

Upgrade of drinking and showering water, colon cleansing and infra red sauna are some other detox supporting activities that synergise with a nutritional and lifestyle upgrade and stress management program.

Studies have also shown most toxins from the mother get transferred to the developing embryo affecting its development and can have far reaching consequences. Education on a holistically healthy lifestyle also prepares one to be well informed parents in raising their children for optimal health and development.

We highly recommend anyone preparing to conceive seek education to empower themselves.

4) As a health practitioner and coach who uses an multiple modalities to support peoples’ health is there any often overlooked aspect in peoples’ lifestyle that they can make a change to support their reproductive health?

One often overlooked aspect is the frequency disturbances caused by modern digital devices, electrical appliances, wifi routers, geopathic stress… With Bio Resonance assessment we  people we see are being negatively affected.

As a start, do not charge your phone in your bedroom. Do not place digital devices close to the body. Turn it to air plane mode when you do not need to receive or send out signals or in a moving vehicle.

Spend more time in nature, and have a “digital detox” from time to time.

Contact Anita or her team at: www.i-Detox.com


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