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Rachael’s Story


I had made the decision quite early on after having my daughter that I wanted another baby and wanted our children to be close together in age. Although it took a little convincing, my husband agreed and we began trying for our second baby when my daughter was 11 months old.

I had the expectations that I would get lucky and fall pregnant the first time around this time, and that just wasn’t the case. My period had returned at 10 months post-partum and was irregular, and as we wanted to ‘try’ for a boy, tracking my ovulation was vital. We found Clear Blue ovulation tracking sticks to be the that not only track the day you ovulate, but also the 4/5 peak days prior to this, resulting in a wider conception window.

To ensure I gave my body the best opportunity to conceive, I focused on my health and overall wellness in many ways:

  • I was hiking 2/3 times a week, I found this not only great exercise, but a mental release to help deal with the stress of being a working mum, and having an adventurous 12 month old.
  • We ate a well-balanced, fresh diet consisting of little to no pre-packaged items. I try hard to feed our family as much fresh and organic produce as I can.
  • As we are trying for a boy, I tried to eat a primarily alkaline diet including as much green leafy vegetables as I could and limited my acidic foods intake.
  • I drank Restore 100% Natural Hydration, a natural rehydration drink available here in Hong Kong, religiously, as I found it sustained my breast milk supply. In addition, Restore aided in detoxing my body of the polluted Hong Kong environment and ensured my body was efficiently hydrated.
  • I was taking pregnancy multivitamins daily
  • Both my husband and I drank very little alcohol, and made sure not to drink around the times we were trying to conceive


My husband and I, as a team, made the decision that I was to stop breastfeeding my then 13-month-old due to many factors. It was an incredibly difficult decision for me and I was devastated, as my goal was to feed until 18 months. However, we felt that it may have been affecting our ability to conceive.  I am incredibly proud of my breastfeeding journey and believe everyday is a goal; my daughter was clearly ready as she took to cow’s milk immediately, and is still a happy toddler that rarely gets sick. For some, there is no need to stop breastfeeding, however, I have always known my hormones easily affect my body, and stopping breastfeeding was ultimately the right decision for us.

Although they may seem cliché, I also followed some of the old wives tales to do before, during and after sex.

  • Before – Hubby was to have a coffee about 20mins before to get those little guys swimming.
  • During – it is essential that both my husband and I orgasm, ideally at the same time and chosed positions that I enjoyed and aided in allowing the sperm to be released as close to the cervix as possible.
  • After – I made sure to lay down after each session with my hips raised on a pillow for a minimum of 20 minutes. Its tough with a toddler but I felt that it was important.

We are now expecting our second baby in early June and we chose to not find out the gender. We are elated, and super excited to meet our newest addition in a few months. I am happy that it took some time to conceive as it meant I got to spend a little more time with Evelyn and my Husband.

I wish you all the best and good luck on your journey!




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