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Interview with Tatiana Kuvardina

Tatiana Kuvardina is an Eating Behaviour Expert and Transformational Holistic Health Coach, a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and founder of Your Wellness Path.
How important are eating behavior when it comes to fertility?
Very important. Good health is the key to fertility.  And the key to good health is consistency. Good health is the result of small actions repeated day in day out. And consistency is exactly what the majority of us struggle with. How do we achieve consistency? By building daily healthy habits. Understanding how eating behavior works is crucial to building sustainable healthy habits.
I like comparing eating behavior to a vehicle that carries your health in some direction. The problem is 95% of the time this vehicle runs on auto-pilot. As some point of our lives, I believe, each of us realizes that they don’t like the direction in which their eating behavior vehicle is taking their health. They start trying to change the direction by overriding the autopilot with willpower. And it’s not the best strategy, because firstly, is hard (requires constant focus and effort), and secondly it’s not effective (because once you run out of willpower, the autopilot takes over and brings you back to where you were).So, instead of using willpower to override our autopilot, we need to learn to reprogram our eating behavior autopilot to carry us to towards healthy choices at all times
More about Tatiana:
Tatiana sees more to food than just calories and nutrients, she has a deep understanding of Mind-Body connection. In her practice, Tatiana goes way beyond teaching how to make healthy choices. Her unique holistic client-centered approach combines knowledge of Nutrition, Human Behaviour and Psychology of Eating.
She helps others to end the war with appetite and transform their relationship with food; understand and manage their eating behaviour; build sustainable healthy habits that fit their lifestyle, support their health goals and make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

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