Preconception Tip #1: Dental Check

Preconception Tip #1: Dental Check I just got back from my mercury- free dentist here in Hong Kong. As advised by my doctor and naturopath,  I wanted to take care of outstanding dental work and to get a good cleaning before getting pregnant. Why you may ask is it important to visit your dentist before you conceive? Let’s… Continue reading Preconception Tip #1: Dental Check

Fertility Foods

From Supplements to Food: Vitamin A

Today’s Focus is: Vitamin A. I began with this vitamin because Vitamin A is a great part of a fertility diet and can help to get you pregnant! It also helps to increase cervical mucus and assists in egg maturation. In the mid-1900s, Dr. Weston Price noted that the indigenous cultures that ate the most vitamin A-rich diets… Continue reading From Supplements to Food: Vitamin A

What the experts say

An interview with Karin Siegler, Midwife

1) In your experience, why do you believe so many couples are currently facing fertility challenges? What advice do you have for these couples? I think this is a result of our present lifestyles. High school, university, job, career, employment abroad, and again career. We try to accomplish as many goals as possible in a… Continue reading An interview with Karin Siegler, Midwife