Fertility Foods

Chocolate fertility bomb 

I like to switch up my morning breakfast routine. Sometimes I eat a nice warm meal and other days I have a room temperature shake (never cold) and follow it up later with some cooked veggies. I have a colder constitution and need to be careful that I don’t cool my body too much. Considering my husband and I are preparing to conceive, we also want to ensure the uterus is happy, and the uterus loves warm, cooked meals.

Following a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective yang energy is biggest in the morning and throwing down a cold, raw shake “puts out your fire,” so to speak.

That being said, it also feels great to drink a smoothie before my morning workout. I love to add in different superfoods, and being the creative that I am, I have to change my recipes up. I just get too bored with  the same taste.

Today I made a Fantastic chocolate smoothie. Now there is a debate about whether chocolate is good for fertility or not and you can find solid points on both sides- like with almost anything in life. So, I just do what feels right for my body. I have to say I got a bit of a rush drinking this shake so the next time I make it I will use less cacao or simply stick with carob powder.

I loaded this baby with raisins, cacao, raw honey, avocado, banana, hemp seeds, chlorella and cherries. I also added maca and vitex. So velvety and rich.

Raisins are great to build bloom and full of minerals. Avocado a great source of high quality fat and helps the body to absorb the other ingredients, hemp seeds give you iron, protein and your omegas, chlorella gives you iron and is a great detoxifier, raw honey is just the best and a great antibacterial agent and loaded with enzymes, cacao is rich in trace minerals, magnesium, vitamin c and iron, and cherries are great for building blood and warming the body- a good offset to the dampening and cooling effects of the banana and avocado.

I just threw everything in my vitamix and viola deliciousness was born.




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