What the experts say

An interview with Karin Siegler, Midwife

1) In your experience, why do you believe so many couples are currently facing fertility challenges? What advice do you have for these couples?

I think this is a result of our present lifestyles. High school, university, job, career, employment abroad, and again career. We try to accomplish as many goals as possible in a short time. Family Planning comes much later on in life today. If it takes a while to become pregnant, couples get nervous and try to find a reason why it takes more time than expected. This then creates worry and pressure which is not helpful at all. Sometimes it is better to give yourself a little bit more time, enjoy being together with your partner without stress.

2) Do you find preparing for pregnancy important and why?

Yes, sure, mentally and physically. It’s important to talk with your partner through a few topics. How much time do you need for your hobbies-with your friends, without your partner, how much as a couple? Many women had their own incomes before birth. Even if it is normal to share one bank account, how will it be if you need to buy 3 pairs of shoes just because you don’t feel well? Can your partner understand this? Personal income is related to self-confidence. Sadly in our lifestyle being a mother does not carry the same value as a career woman. Being with a child means 24 hours/ 7 days a week, being on call- which might be quite stressful the first 3 months. Can my partner support me during this time when he is back to work? How much support do I expect from him and is this practical for him? I think it is important to talk about this- how the baby will change the relationship between a couple. This is one of the main topics in the birth course I have. 

3) If someone isn’t sure how to prepare for a baby, how do they get started?

First have a medical check up: blood samples, health status and vaccination status – same for your partner. Second, talk to a nutritionist for a dietary check up. This prepares the body with all the important nutrients and can help to reduce morning sickness in the pregnancy. 

4) How can people get in touch with you?

Through the webpage www.wellnessandbirth.com or just via email: info@wellnessandbirth.comimg_4880


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