My name is Anika and I am your typical health nut. I love to cook, grocery shop and plan meals for my family. I also love to educate myself on all things related to health and well being.  Truth is, I have spent many days not feeling well in my body and as a result have missed out on various parts of my life. Today I choose to give my body every opportunity it can to thrive and I wish the same for my family.

Last year I gave birth to my daughter, Elektra, whom we found out had Down Syndrome a month after she was born. Elektra is Mosaic, which is a very rare form of DS. We are told she may or may not develop as any typical child, but will not know until the years ahead. In order to give her the best environment to thrive, I spend my days taking her to various kinds of therapy and researching both ancient and modern health solutions.

My hubby and I are hoping to get pregnant this year and as a result, I have been lovingly preparing my body to conceive. Having a special needs daughter has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best professionals in the world as well as to educate myself on ways to really nurture both my, and my family’s, entire being.

Along my path I have become certified as a health coach through NESTA, a vegetarian chef through the  Cordon Vert Institute in England, a raw chef though the Alicia Cohen Institute, and am currently studying both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy in Hong Kong. I also have my BA from UC Berkeley and my MBA  from the University of San Diego.I love essential oils, herbs, spices, energy and body work (acupuncture, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy) and eat traditional, real foods.

Stick around and read up on tips from experts and other women (myself included) that are in the preconception stage. It is my hope that Before my Baby can bring knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of community to women all over the world.

I hope you will join in!

Love, Anika