November 12th Topics & Speaker List


Our November 12th session will feature the following topics: fertility from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, chiropractic care, alternative healing and massage therapies, exercise’s role in conception, resolving hormonal imbalances using homeopathy, unleashing kundalini energy to boost fertility, the importance of a preconception health check up, emotional preparedness and conscious pregnancy from a yogic perspective.

The November 12th session will feature the following eight speakers.
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Dr. Claire Cheng, TCM Practitioner

Dr. Cheng will be speaking on what you should avoid doing before conception as well as indications that your body is baby ready.



Dr. Michelle Ricaille & Lisa Griffiths, Homeopaths, The Round Clinic

This dynamic duo will discuss 10 simple steps to preparing your body, mind, and heart before conception. This will help to ensure you and your baby will be Healthy and Happy throughout and after pregnancy.



Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Chiropractor, UP!health

You may have been wondering if chiropractic is right for you, especially before, during or after your pregnancy. In this 20-minute presentation, Dr. Michelle will be discussing the importance of having a well-balanced pelvis for your delivery plans as well as a pain-free pregnancy. We will also have a detailed look at Optimal Fetal Positioning, and exercises that will help in facilitating baby’s position in the third trimester to prepare for the birth.



Allison Heiliczer, Psychotherapist, Annerley, The Midwives Clinic

What emotional experiences would you like to have before and during pregnancy? What is important for you to know and do to make these wishes a reality? Allisoc’s speech will focus on the importance of emotional preparation and processing before and during pregnancy and how to work through some of the challenges often married to the experience.


Dora Hardaway, Corrective Biomechanics Therapist, Pre & Postnatal Specialist, Cosman Group

Dora’s speech will include the role of exercise in preparing for a physically and emotionally healthy pregnancy.

  • How exercise improves the quality of sex and its role in conception
  • Male preparation tips – diet and exercise and its effects on testosterone levels 
  • Infertility tips-incorporating healthy levels of physical activity to bring the balance back into the body. 
  • Safe exercises to promote a stable and healthy pregnancy.



Jenny Ostling, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Female Reproductive Health Specialist, Traditional Jamu Postpartum Belly Binding, Pre & Post Natal Massage Therapy, Holistic Aromatherapy, Sanctuary Healing Centre

Jenny’s talk will focus on fertility, and hormone or other female reproductive health issues.

  • Introduction to The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.
  • How Arvigo Therapy can help with Reproductive Health as well as Digestion & Back Issues.
  • Learn about Vaginal Steaming for reproductive health.
  • Learn about healing Castor Oil treatments for abdominal & general health.
  • Briefly learn about how essential oils can be used to help improve female health and hormonal issues.



Dr. Nichola Salmond, General Practitioner, Optimal Family Health

Dr. Salmond will be discussing the importance of a preconception health check-up including blood investigations and supplementation.



Jenny Stocksen, Kundalini Yoga Teacher/Therapist, Red Doors Studio

Jenny’s topic will focus on Conscious Pregnancy – the birth of a mother through a yogic perspective. I offer support for those already pregnant as well as for those wanting/trying to get pregnant.